Holistic Dining Experience

Rasmus Munk
Alchemist ★★, No. 18 / 50 Best 2022
Copenhagen, Denmark

Everything is different in the Alchemist. It is said to be the bravest avant-garde restaurant of our time. Indeed, an evening in the futuristic realm of Rasmus Munk is amazing and staggering. With the help of an investor, he has transformed an old factory hall into a world of culinary experiences. 13 million euros were invested. Dramaturges, sound designers and artists created a fantastic visual concept. In the dining room the guests sit at a winding marble table, above them a dome into which images are projected: jellyfish, stars, rain of flowers. In the Aperitif Lounge a glass wine cellar extends over three floors.

But the strong visual presence is not the focus of Munk’s concept. He relies on a holistic experience. His menu consists of around 40 courses that surprise, amuse and provoke. It is served in a silicone skull, crackling fish stock foil is served on a cod jawbone, an allusion to the plastic littering of the seas. Such messages are important to Munk. By formation his creations the chef fall back on the repertoire and equipment of molecular cuisine.