A dynamic Hanseatic city

Let‘s celebrate life!
Welcome to Zwolle, a thriving Hanseatic town with a historical town centre where life is celebrated. A town inhabited by creative students, inventive entrepreneurs and passionate freethinkers, where people believe that life is better when shared with others. Within the bounds of our old town walls, you will discover a plethora of cultural and culinary delights. Countless festivals, the Netherlands’ best restaurants, high-profile exhibitions and the country’s most beautiful bookshop are just a few of the things you’ll find in this old Hanseatic town, against a wonderful backdrop of mediaeval architecture.

Lively city centre
Zwolle’s lively streets are full of cheerful students, inventive entrepreneurs, original freethinkers and creative doers.

You will quickly feel welcome in Zwolle, a modern city with a rich and fascinating history which makes for a great walk. Our historical town centre with its old canals is home to many places of great significance. The Hanseatic League’s warehouses and homes with grand façades point to the origin of our prosperity. To this day, Johan Cele’s famous Latin School symbolises innovative education. Enjoy the atmosphere of Thorbecke’s day and discover why Zwolle inspired, and still continues to inspire, great thinkers.

Once you have completed your exploration of Zwolle’s history, be sure to sample the city’s many restaurants and cafés, with or without outdoor seating area. Tantalise your taste buds with De Librije’s famous haute cuisine, or allow yourself to be surprised by the many other excellent chefs in our city. Take a walk across centuries-old squares and discover small and intimate pubs, modern pop-up restaurants, lunchrooms serving delicious organic food and super healthy juice bars.

Strolling through the town centre, you will automatically end up at two of Zwolle’s most striking institutions. Zwolle is proud to be home to De Fundatie Museum and Waanders bookshop in De Broeren neighbourhood. Lose yourself in high-profile exhibitions and in the wonderful world of books. One glance from De Fundatie’s remarkable window will suffice: you’ll have Zwolle’s town centre at your feet.

Zwolle – A Tasteful City
Zwolle Pure
Historically Zwolle plays in the major league and that can be said of its culinary heritage, too. A number of bars and restaurants can be found in buildings with great historical value. Zwolle is currently the only city in the Netherlands with three as well as two Michelin Stars, respectively The Librije and The Librije’s Zusje (Little Sister), both managed and owned by world famous chef Jonnie Boer and his spouse Thérèse. Zwolle furthermore offers many fine and appreciated bars, restaurants and shops that specialize in gastronomy and cooking utensils. Among them are many that sell regional produce. Try the flavours of various products from Zwolle, such as Zwolse mustard, Peperbus cheese, handmade sweets, whisky and Bluefinger cookies. You might want to pay a visit to the artisanal city bakery or The Hanze House!

Tour de Hanze
When strolling through the medieval city centre, you can literally taste the rich history up until today. During the historic city walk “Tour de Hanze” your city guide treats you on stories about Zwolle’s history and you will visit places and buildings where you can take in the flavour of the past. The duration of the walk is approximately 2 hours.

Please call +31 38 422229 for more information, prices and bookings or check out www.overijsseltrips.nl.


Hanseatic cities, water, culture, polder … In short: The Netherlands in miniature! That is the IJsseldelta. Surprised by this undiscovered region of Overijssel. The Hanseatic towns of Kampen, Zwolle, Hasselt offer exciting events and cultural treasures. Cruise through a further round IJsseldelta water places like Genemuiden and Zwartsluis. And last but not least, see the IJssel delta where a National Landscape.

Vechtdal Overijssel

The river De Vecht makes one’s way through beautiful scenery and passes picturesque villages, country estates, forests and heath land. A scenery where lost times are treasured and where you can find all the space, peace and tranquillity you need. The area is perfect for good walking shoes and a bike with a picnic basket filled with local products. Here you can read more about Dalfsen, Ommen, Hardenberg, Staphorst and ‘Het Reestal’.


In Dalfsen you will be amazed with the floating rock, or you can cycle on the old kings roads, walk through country estates or just relax over a cup of coffee outside the pub, these are a few things to see and do. But above all you can enjoy the peace and outside space of Dalfsen.

Country estates, manor houses and castles
Dalfsen is known for his beautiful nature. The area is perfect for bike rides or walks through the forests, heath land or along the old river ‘De Vecht’. Enjoy wide spread views and idyllic landscaping of country estates, manor houses or even an medieval castle. The land of 2000 acres is open to the public as a great walking area.


Ommen, a place hidden between the woods and the shores of ‘de Vecht’. An old hanseatic city with a history so rich, a beautiful natural area and also a lively city centre.

The great heights of Ommen / The high altitude of Ommen (meaning 2500 ft. or higher)
You will not need any safety climbing belts but a descent pair of hiking shoes isn’t a bad idea. A reasonable good condition and love for nature that’s all is needed when climbing those ‘Rocky Mountains’ of Ommen. We definitely recommend climbing the Lemelerberg or Besthmenerberg to see the great views of Ommen. From the top of the high mountains of Ommen you will see people canoeing the river ‘de Vecht’ while other water sport enthusiasts explore there way through het vechtdal. You can pay a visit to Vilsteren by bike, which is a beautiful village known for his country estates. There is also the opportunity to walk by farms in Beerze or to pay a visit to the lands of the forestry commission, the provence of Overijssel or nature reserve.


Here you can enjoy the unharmed nature and characteristic farms, or find a complete new wardrobe in the modern shopping centre. You can also canoe the river ‘de Vecht’, hike over historical paths or go along with the roar of partying in Klepperstad, everything is possible in the community of Hardenberg.

Water fun, shopping and culture
The changing scenery around the border of ‘het Vechtdal’ and ‘het Reestdal’ gives you a great opportunity to explore. There are various ways to do so for example, you could go on your bike, step, walking or even canoe. On your trip don’t forget to pay a visit to one of the many historical villages and cities. For example Gramsbergen is a village where you can find beautiful restored properties, authentic streets and an old town-gate. And if you looking to cool down on a warm sunny day you could go to lake ‘De Oldemeijer’.


Folkloric costume / regional costume, material which is painted with nails embedded in a cork known as ‘stipwerk’ and green shutters combined with bright blue window frames. While visiting Staphorst you will experience the old traditions, you will feel the historical character and you will enjoy the beauty of different landscaping.

Back in time
While walking round in the newly restored museum in Staphorst you get the feeling of being back in time , here you will experience how people lived in the past. There is a permanent exhibition of folkloric costumes which you can visit. A small portion of the people in Staphorst daily wear these folkloric costumes.

Discover Staphorst
There are many ways to enjoy the nature in Staphorst. Biking through different scenery or walking past the river Reest are a few of the possibilities. Another fun way to discover the beautiful nature and the old craft trades of Staphorst is to drive the car route ‘Authentic Staphorst’.


‘Het Reestdal’: A beautiful mystical piece of nature. The river ‘de Reest’ make one’s way through a beautiful region where you will find meadows full with flowers, old wooded backs, ash-trees, heath land and forests. The nature in the area of the river ‘de Reest is a unique pieces of land which is managed by local authorities from the province of Drenthe and Overijssel. Within the hay fields, fields, heath land and forests you will find many unique plants and animals.
‘Het Reestdal’ is somewhere on the border between the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe. A mark between the two provinces is the creek de Reest. The area ‘Het Reestdal’ is devided into three core areas and each area has his own aspects. You will find country estates around IJhorst-De Wijk. There are many characteristic farms, ash-trees, heath land and fen In the village Oud-Avereest-Rebbinge. The forest of Staphorst is a large area of forestland with heath land and fen. The forest also has a large lake to play and swim in.
The unharmed character and peace that you will find in ‘het Reestdal’ puts a unique aspect to the area. An ideal area for a good walk or a relaxing bike ride. It is like your in an open air museum. And afterwards you can stay overnight in one of the many hotels.
For more information about ‘het Reestdal’ have a look at www.reestdal.eu.

To do

Put your feet on the pedals and cycle your way and enjoy the beautiful sights, Or when you are on the ‘Lemelerberg’ watch the as sheep they walk by. If you need refreshment there is plenty of water around. Take your towel, book and a filled picnic basket to the waterfront and relax. Looking for adventure? Get into a canoe and paddle your way over the river ‘de Vecht’ or get on to a step bike and discover the forests, swamps and fields with your GPS device. At least you don’t have to worry about the kids, they will be having a great time on the amusement park, playground, farm or are playing in the forests.

On and around the river de Vecht

While ‘het Vechtdal’ slowly is waking up, the river de Vecht is already preparing herself for the first visitors. Fisher man, armed with fishing rods, comfortable chairs and a picnic basket find their morning peace along the river side.
It doesn’t take long before the first canoes come paddling along to discover the Vechdal. On a small beach children are playing , a skipper anchors’ his boat and his family climb on board to make a boat trip. When the evening falls it is quieter, there are only a few people walking, and enjoying the tranquillity of the evening and listening to the chatter of the frogs.


Romp around in the nature. With dazzling speeds a triple looping in the amusement park. Armed with a GPS device on a discovery journey in the woods. Reliving the stories of granddad and grandmother in the museum. Or just get your towel, bucket and spade to the beach and create the biggest sandcastle of the whole of Vechtdal. Kids can enjoy themselves too in Vechtdal.
Look for more information at www.vechtdaloverijssel.nl/en.