Tickets are now for sale at

  • The price of a day-ticket is €79,95 pro person, including access to the BOERenmarket XL
  • A combination ticket costs €129,95, including access to the BOERenmarket XL
  • The entrance price for BOERenmarket XL is €12,50 pro person per day
    (including a welcome drink and an exclusive Chefs (R)Evolution glass)


For students of gastronomic studies a special rate has been created:

  • A dayticket is €49,95 (instead of €79,95) including access to BOERenmarket for €12,50

For more information, students can contact their school or send an e-mail to:


Earlybird rate
For the biggest enthousiasts special rates are given in the entire month of May.

  • A dayticket will cost €72,50
  • A ticket for the BOERenmarkt XL can be bought for €7,50 per day