Cooking contestStar Class chefs to cook stellar veal dishes

The cooking competition for students from the Sterklas [Star Class] at ROC Amsterdam will be held on Sunday 18 September, the first day of the Chefs(R)evolution. The Sterklas Class is an initiative of the Guild of Dutch Master Chefs. The competition is an initiative of Chefs(R)evolution, Sterklas and VanDrie Group.
SVH Master chef Jonnie Boer will select the 6 final teams. The selection process not only looks at the veal recipe itself, but also assesses its originality and respect for sustainability.
A team consists of two students from the Sterklas, with the preference being for teams containing a first- and a second-year student.
At the outset of the competition, each team chooses a black box, which contains a standard cut of veal and a piece of offal. The teams must use these two products to produce a main course within 1.5 hours. A jury of experts will then assess the dishes.