KookwedstrijdCooking school talents take up the challenge with Veal 

The VanDrie Group cooking competition is an initiative of CHEFS®EVOLUTION, Sterklas and VanDrie Group. Six teams compete for first place in this. In the first four editions of CHEFS®EVOLUTION, these were six teams consisting of two people, from the Sterklas of the ROC Amsterdam. 

From this year, 2022, participants will come from four selected schools. This means that there will be two teams from the Star Class of ROC Amsterdam. two teams from the Cas Spijkers Academy, two teams from the ROC Friese Poort and two teams of Drenthe college.

On Sunday, September 4 – 2022, it will be time for the fifth edition. The teams will conduct the cooking competition in Librije’s Atelier. Each team may choose a Black Box before the start of the match. This contains a technical part of the veal and an organ. These products must be processed into a main course. They are given an hour and a half for this.

Ultimately, each team must have prepared a main course with two types of veal for four people. For this, two servings are intended for the jury to judge, one plate for the public and one place for photography.

The jury will assess the dishes from 11:30 am, after which the award ceremony will take place at 1:00 pm. Librije’s Atelier is open for the public from 11:00 am on to spectate.